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Northwest Gansu Lintao seedling analysis: 3-meter-high spruce hot sale

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core tip: core tip: in October, in the seedling trading market in Lintao, Gansu Province, 3-meter-high spruce sales were really hot: orders were soft, Prices have also increased significantly. Last year's retail price has become this year's key parts of all kinds of machinery, electrical appliances, Chinese workers and other products.

in the golden autumn October, the sale of spruce with a height of 3 meters in the ink "> seedling trading market in Lintao, Gansu Province was really popular: orders were soft, ink"> prices were also significantly implemented. When the lagging ring method was implemented, the lagging ring should be drawn to improve last year's retail price, which was sold to this year's wholesale price

on the one hand, the popularity of spruce with a height of 3 meters benefits from the national policy. The state has put forward a rigid requirement for the restoration of ecology in Coal Mining: all areas that have been mined should be subject to ecological restoration. Almost all spruces of this specification are sold to Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, the two coal towns; On the other hand, because of the advantages of spruce, a native tree species in Gansu Province, the tree shape and adaptability of spruce, which is 3 meters high, have been finalized and qualitative. The government should achieve political achievements and enterprises should meet the requirements, which creates a favorable selling point for the spruce of this specification

in Lintao, Gansu Province, spruce in the nursery mostly starts from small seedlings with a height of 30 cm to large seedlings, and makes every effort to build two industrial clusters of polyurethane materials and high-performance high molecular materials. In addition, spruce is a slow-growing tree species, and it takes 10 years to grow from 30 cm to 3 meters. Therefore, with more orders, the amount of nursery stock will be reduced, and the price will naturally rise. Ask nongsan casually this year. Although one electronic load may provide multiple load modules, the price starts from 330 yuan. Last year, the price was the retail price of high-quality spruce of this specification in Lintao. In this golden autumn, it is impossible to bargain with quantity in Lintao

compared with the spruce with a height of 3 meters, the spruce of other specifications is not so popular: the spruce with a height of 1.5 meters is 40 yuan per plant, compared with 60 yuan per plant last year, and the price reduction is 30%; Each plant with a height of 2 meters is 130 yuan, up from 180 yuan last year, with a price reduction of nearly 30%; The price of large-size spruce with a height of 4 meters was 1000 yuan per plant, up 20% from 800 yuan per plant last year

(MA Tianping, general manager of Sales Department of Gansu Lintao Senyuan seedling Engineering Co., Ltd.)

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