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Marketing case analysis: unified lubricant high-end breakthrough

marketing case analysis: unified lubricant high-end breakthrough

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Guide: case subject: Beijing unified Petrochemical Co., Ltd. market position: market catcher market significance: quote; The success of more lubrication and less friction has the chance of its historical background, but from the long planned strategy of unified adjustment of its own market positioning and product structure

market position: market catcher

market significance: the success of "more lubrication, less friction" has its historical background of contingency, but from the unified adjustment of their own market positioning and product structure, this "premeditated" In terms of strategy, it is inevitable. The high-end market, the pain in the hearts of local enterprises, has a wide range of demonstration significance

market effect: from January to June 2003, the sales volume of lubricants above unified SG accounted for 40% of the total products of the enterprise, and only 14% in the same period of last year; Sales of lubricants below SF fell to 15% from 23% in the same period last year. The target of achieving sales of 1.2 billion yuan in 2003 has been achieved, and the target for this year is 2billion yuan

case background: in 2002, China's car ownership exceeded 21million, while in the next five years, China's car ownership will reach 50million, and the demand for automotive lubricants will soar. While the demand increases year by year, the grade of oil will also achieve leapfrog development. By 2005, the proportion of high-end oil in the whole vehicle oil will rise to about 48%

at present, there are 4500 lubricating oil factories in China. The product level of these lubricating oil factories is very low. The products produced by them are mainly middle-end and low-end products, and there are few high-end products. The total sales of high-end oil produced by 4500 domestic lubricating oil factories account for only 20% of the current high-end market. The other 80% of the high-end market is occupied by foreign brands such as Mobil and shell. The top five brands account for only 2% to 5% of the high-end market share. In this market environment, breaking through the high-end has become the key to the foothold of domestic lubricants in the future

"unified" lubricant 2003 marketing event playback

on November 18, 2002, unified lubricant participated in the CCTV golden segment bidding for the first time, with a bid winning amount of more than 60 million. A grand "foundation laying ceremony" was held for the shaping journey of unified strong brand in 2003

at the beginning of 2003, "uni president petrochemical" positioned this year as its own brand marketing year, and put forward a new target positioning of "becoming the largest professional manufacturer of high-end lubricants in China", which is taken as the criterion for all marketing operations

from March to July 2003, several series of high-grade lubricating oil products synchronized with the advanced level of the contemporary world were launched

with the outbreak of the Iraq war on March 21, 2003, uni president lubricant seized the opportunity of the unprecedented large-scale live broadcast report conducted by CCTV and quickly launched the classic advertisement of "more lubrication, less friction", forming an unprecedented brand influence, It also brings excellent pin electronic tensile testing machine for unified lubricating oil. The national standards met by the machine are gb/t1447 fiber reinforced plastic tensile property method and fiber reinforced plastic zigzag property sales performance

on November 18, 2003, the unification once again with?? At the end of 2003, a senior person of uni president Petrochemical said that uni president would cancel the production plan of low-grade products in 2004, comprehensively shift to the production of lubricants above SG level, and build a brand image of high-grade lubricants

analysis of "unified" lubricating oil strategy

a year ago, unified lubricating oil was unknown. People only had the impression of Mobil, shell, great wall, Kunlun and other brands of petrochemical products. However, in 2003, after just a few months of market operation, unified quickly completed the brand promotion and became a strong brand of lubricating oil. In people's impression, it is a classic slogan of "more lubrication, less friction", which has achieved today's "unity" that China's high molecular material industry should also move towards intelligent manufacturing. In fact, as early as the beginning of 2003, Uni president has positioned itself as "the largest professional manufacturer of high-end lubricants in China". Through the launch of a series of high-end products, uni president has focused on the high-end lubricant market in China.

I. positioning adjustment, hot promotion of high-end series products

in 2003, uni president proposed to "become the largest professional manufacturer of high-end lubricants in China" "Such a new target positioning, all marketing operations are based on this as a criterion. In the product research and development work," unified "aimed at the development prospect of the high-end lubricant market, and launched a number of series of high-end lubricant products synchronized with the advanced level of the contemporary world for the rapidly developing car market. In March 2003," unified classic Super Power pure synthetic engine oil "was listed nationwide, and this high-level engine oil is" unified " "Flagship care products tailored for domestic urban car users, the first in China to obtain the comprehensive certification of the world's king of sports cars" Porsche ", fully reaching the level of competition with the international top products at the same level; in May," Tongyi "Jianfeng series motorcycle oil landed on the market, causing strong repercussions in the market; with the sales of" Jianfeng ", Tongyi" launched the "blade" product in June; in mid June, the new 4L "oil king "Coming to the market, it has comprehensively enriched the product series structure of" oil king "in the popular medium barrel, making" oil king "more robust in the market; in July," fragrance "special lubricants for women's motorcycles and" Centrino " "Men's motorcycle special lubricant introduces the core technology of environmental protection in France, which is popular in Europe, into China, and brings fresh air to the market with the concept of internationalization!

the upscale products have laid a solid foundation for unified entry into the high-end market.

Second, the brand strategy has been adjusted. CCTV launched

November 18, 2002, which is a milestone for unified. On this day, unified lubricant participated in the first time CCTV's golden segment bidding, with a bid winning amount of more than 60 million, has become the first lubricant brand to advertise in TV media

within uni president, this major decision has been brewing repeatedly. As a professional product, do you want to put CCTV advertisements? Does the company's sales network support strong advertising

in the past, unified brand and product publicity mainly relied on more than 30 national newspapers and some professional media related to cars. In addition to print advertising, the most common form was soft text, which inculcated some consumption ideas. With the increasing influence of cars in people's daily life, lubricants have begun to change to daily consumer goods. Therefore, the publicity media should be inclined to the TV media with more public influence. Uni president also has the largest number of sales networks with the best profits and the largest number of sales and service personnel in the industry. If there is no nationwide sales network, CCTV advertising is not appropriate; After having the sales network conditions covering the whole country, the advertising of CCTV will have a better effect

after deciding to put CCTV's advertisements, the next question arises: how much is appropriate? There is a big debate within uni president, and there is also a big debate with the consulting companies and advertising agencies that cooperate with the outside. These "outsiders" believe that it is OK to invest 10 or 20 million in the first year, and there is a great risk if you invest too much

after repeated discussion, uni president believes that since we want to be the best brand in China, we must choose the media with the greatest influence in China; Since we have chosen the most influential media, we should invest boldly. At that time, the unified company made a budget of 75million, which actually cost more than 60 million

although Tongyi has produced high-grade lubricants from the beginning, which is no different in quality from international famous brands such as Mobil and shell, it has been difficult to enter the high-end market. Join hands with strong media to create a strong brand and become a breakthrough point in the adjustment of unified lubricant brand

III. The classic creative high-end image is perfectly established

on March 21, 2003, the Iraq war broke out, and CCTV carried out an unprecedented large-scale live broadcast. Uni president lubricating oil quickly responded, stopping the popular "people's film" on the day of the war and playing a five second advertising film instead. The advertising film has no picture, only one line of words and a vigorous voice over: "more lubrication, less friction". This advertisement is closely followed by the Iraq war report, and is integrated with it, which is very shocking. The beauty of this advertisement is that it not only accurately appeals to the product characteristics of "more lubrication", but also puns out the peaceful voice of "less friction", which is implicit, meaningful and thought-provoking

Tongyi invested 250000 yuan per day for this advertisement, which was broadcast for 10 days. This event marketing has played an excellent role in improving the corporate image of uni president petrochemical. After the advertisement was broadcast, the major media commented on the marketing event one after another, saying that unifying the advertisement of "more lubrication and less friction" has created a myth of small budget and large effect (it only cost 18000 yuan to produce this advertisement); The click through rate of uni president's own website has increased by 4 times; Moreover, people often call the company's service to discuss the progress of war and the topic of war and peace with uni president. The brand influence of uni president lubricant has far exceeded the scope of product sales and use

after the advertisement was broadcast, many dealers called "uni president". They believed that this advertisement was like an advertisement for a high-end product brand. Many retail stores that did not sell uni president products took the initiative to contact, giving dealers enough confidence; Many viewers who have seen this advertisement believe that this advertisement is the creativity of foreign advertising companies. Some people believe that Tongyi is a joint venture or foreign-funded enterprise, and many drivers call for Tongyi lubricant

this classic advertisement has formed an unprecedented brand influence and also brought excellent sales results to uni president lubricants. The shipment volume of that month increased by 100% over the same period in 2002, and the sales volume has historically exceeded the 100 million yuan mark

IV Competition intensifies, and uni president has a long way to go.

although uni president is one step ahead of its competitors and has established brand advantages, it has not established brand barriers. After the unified launch of CCTV advertisements, other brands of lubricants immediately followed up, and quickly increased the strength of brand publicity. For example, Kunlun lubricants in 2003 with?? Million won CCTV. These competitors have strong strength and have cooperated with some professional consulting companies. As long as they increase advertising, the experimental platform is mainly composed of the following parts: it is not difficult to exceed the unity in terms of delivery strength. On the other hand, there are many lubricant brands in the market, and there are more products with similar names and packages. One month after a new package was launched, there were imitations on the market. When meeting such "twin brothers", ordinary consumers often think they are a family. The harm to the brand is obvious. Therefore, unified brand protection needs to be strengthened

in China, a large number of vehicle failures are caused by improper lubrication, while the domestic lubricant market is still in the stage of blind consumption. More and more new cars are listed at the same time with foreign countries, and the requirements for lubricating oil are also higher and higher, but the national standards and users' understanding of lubricating oil cannot keep pace with the international standards. For example, Mazda 6 requires that the quality level of lubricating oil is SL, but the national standard still stays at SF; Private car owners also lack the common sense of vehicle maintenance

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