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Network channel model analysis

in order to facilitate measurement, the outcome of rational thinking is to qualitative things with the concept of modeling, and describe this model with quantitative indicators. Internet products can be described by models, and can the information uploaded by Internet products be described by models? Information is like water, you can't master its form. However, from a microscopic point of view, you can read binary bit streams; From a macro perspective, you can analyze the trend of information flow

I analyzed that the Internet channel is the channel of information. We can choose the right indicators to analyze from the perspective of information dissemination. I tried to describe the network channel with a simple model, but failed. The bug in the simple model reveals to me that the characteristics of network channels are multidimensional, and there are at least three characteristic dimensions: transmission content, transmission mode and time energy:

first, transmission content:

the most basic characteristic of channels is what kind of information they transmit. I have analyzed the information transmitted through channels: brand, product and demand

brand channel: the main forms include media advertising, instant messaging and online game product placement advertising, and soft advertising delivered in the community

product channel: businessmen who are new to Internet like the direct product channel most. The most basic way: e-commerce platform and online group purchase

word of mouth channels: there is no better way to spread word of mouth than community and instant messaging

second, delivery method:

the most basic delivery method is one-way or two-way (or interactive). After deep thinking, Web2.0, which everyone likes to talk about, is a two-way interactive information transmission state. Until the end of TV media, information is in a state of one-way forced transmission. Internet brings interactive information mode

what does interaction mean? It means that the business behavior has changed from passive to active (such as search). 5. The following are other questions about the hydraulic universal testing machine, which means that we can use interaction to accurately screen target customers! The actual data shows that the transaction rate of simple online advertising can be increased by more than 10 times through interactive marketing! Interaction also provides a "channel" for viral marketing, through which information can be spread explosively

III. time capacity:

cost performance is always the pursuit of advertising publishers. Time and money are the constraints of business. Often, they restrict and contradict each other. Is there any way for enterprises with annual sales of more than 1billion yuan to break through? Is there a channel with short time and high efficiency? This is the purpose of studying the time energy index of network channels

attention, the number of audiences, and accuracy are the three factors that affect this indicator

if there is enough money, the shortest time release channel of mass goods must be CCTV Standard King. However, Shi Yuzhu found another way: the advertising channel of the journey is the poster of bar

you should remember that at the beginning of the real estate market price reduction storm in 2008, the internal information event of Vanke Songshan Lake Conference was viral, and the attention greatly shortened the transmission time

from the perspective of multidimensional channel characteristics, we can find that network channels must be reused in actual use! A basic way of reuse is:

advertising of Internet products with media characteristics ---- information interaction on Internet products with community characteristics ---- product transactions on Internet products with e-commerce characteristics ---- word-of-mouth communication on Internet products with community characteristics. This process repeats itself. Once positive feedback is formed, the scale contact: manager Yao Shengxian and the speed are amazing

the specific application case of network channel reuse is Obama's US presidential campaign network advertising: search, community, video, instant messaging, different carriers, different communication methods, the combination of maximum communication efficiency, network marketing to produce a US president

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