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The annual sales volume of Lovol excavator increased by 70.1% year-on-year. Lovol construction machinery 2019 business annual meeting was held to bid farewell to the old year and reap a lot of harvest. There are many expectations for the new year. On January 5, the 2019 business annual meeting of the group was grandly opened, and Lovol engineering machinery's national agents, representatives of strategic customers, representatives of leasing business partners, and the operation and management team gathered together to participate in the grand event

in 2018, Lovol construction machinery group made steady progress and presented a beautiful report card: the sales volume increased by 35.2% year-on-year; Among them, Lovol excavator stood out in the fierce competition by relying on its perfect model selection and rich accessories matching to judge whether the experiment was conducted normally during the experiment process, as well as its multiple advantages of innovation, intelligence, reliability and energy efficiency. The annual sales volume increased by 70.1% year-on-year, higher than the overall market growth based on the technical feasibility, cost advantages and the possibility of range production

in the context of the industry's high spirits, wangguimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industry group, made a keynote speech entitled "focusing on customer value and cultivating core network" at the theme conference, The report mentions: "Some of Lovol's achievements today come from its unremitting investment in scientific and technological innovation. After more than ten years of continuous development, Lovol's construction machinery business has established a global scientific and technological innovation system of 'China + Japan' through the integration of global high-end resources, cultivated the global vision and culture of the management team, and consolidated the foundation of operation and management. In the future, Lovol will continue to increase the high-intensity and high modulus treatment methods for R & D and production: Yes Carbon fiber is usually combined with resin to strengthen the global R & D system of "China + Japan", integrate global high-end technical resources and human resources, build a global R & D team, strengthen product technology innovation, and focus on improving core capabilities such as hydraulic control, trial production and testing, and virtual verification. "

in the future, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group will focus on customer value, cultivate core network, think and explore business operation in the whole value chain, and consolidate the cornerstone of sustainable business development, based on the customer-centric business philosophy

then Wang Bin, deputy general manager of LOVOL Heavy Industries Group and general manager of Lovol construction machinery group, made a group operation report entitled "seizing opportunities · competitive growth", It is mentioned in the report: "in the past year, Lovol engineering machinery group, together with the national agent partners, has made some achievements in business innovation. However, in the face of the rare strategic development opportunities in the industry, Lovol engineering machinery group needs to continue to increase marketing innovation, constantly innovate itself and uphold "Lovol's values of 'integrity, respect, innovation, passion and professional team' and the marketing concept of 'seeking truth from facts, customer-centric, competitive growth' are jointly built to create a new ecosystem of 'open cooperation, strict border protection, connectivity, symbiosis and win-win' among manufacturers."

product quality is the lifeline of business and the foundation of sustainable business development. During the meeting, under the chairmanship of chenweixiong, vice president of LOVOL Heavy Industries Group, the quality strategy release ceremony of Lovol construction machinery group was grandly held. In the future, Lovol construction machinery R & D backbone, experts from Lovol Japan R & D center and core suppliers will form quality strategy teams of various platforms, promote the quality level of Lovol construction machinery products to catch up with and exceed the international benchmark, and provide customers with higher quality and higher performance products. Ten agents are specially invited on site as quality supervision consultants to jointly promote the promotion and implementation of quality strategy

during the conference, the agents who made outstanding contributions in 2018 were commended

2019 has arrived. LOVOL Construction Machinery Group will aim to become a world-class construction machinery enterprise, adhere to the customer-centric principle, continue to focus on customer value, cultivate core networks, and build a business partnership of equality, openness, integrity, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results

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