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the wind of black technology blows to the glass industry, and another group of people will suffer

glass is one of the greatest inventions in the field of human materials. At present, it has become an important material in the fields of architecture, art, new energy, aerospace and electronic information. Technology always refreshes people's three outlooks. Now the wind of black technology has blown into the glass industry. It is estimated that another group of people will suffer

generally, we can see that the glass was basically transparent, translucent and impermeable on December 23, 2016. However, the special glass shown to my friends today can control the transparency of the glass through the switch, which can not only meet the functional requirements of selecting the fault cloth for the sample and displaying the logo in the measurement process of the curtain and the fatigue testing machine, but also have a considerable effect on the hardness and fire resistance. It is a controllable smart glass ESG switchable developed by ESG company in the UK

the transparency of the glass can be switched at will. Just press the switch. It is transparent and opaque. You can do whatever you want

it can also be used as a projection screen. Make a report during the meeting, and the effect will become huge in an instant. Isn't it amazing ~

in addition, the self-healing black technology glass has also refreshed people's three outlooks. The broken screen seems to be saved this time

this is a black technology glass tueg3 developed by the research team of Tokyo University in Japan

this special glass is a transparent polymer material. After fracture, it only needs to be pressed gently, and it can be restored to its original state after 30 seconds, and the strength can be restored in a few hours! As soon as this glass was born, many disabled people breathed a sigh of relief: they don't have to worry about falling on the ground anymore

human beings have invented Kehang composite materials, which can be divided into: fuselage composite technology, and science and technology are constantly domesticating human beings. Once the above black technology glass is widely used, it is estimated that another group of people will suffer! Whether it is an enterprise or an individual, if they want not to be eliminated by the times, they can only innovate and move forward ceaselessly

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