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On July 1, a mysterious man reported to the media and industry and commerce that there was a dens in zhupengjiawan that made fake coatings of Shanghai, Pearl River and other local products. Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers have seized a large number of raw materials and finished products at the scene

the shelter in Guiyang Xinguang Signboard Factory, No. 180 Pengjiawan Road, is a 1.5-square-meter humble and low work

shed, and there are semi-finished coatings in two 1.5-square-meter mixing tanks. The staff of Nanming branch of industry and Commerce seized 50 barrels of finished products, some empty barrels and 6 tons of raw materials

according to the relevant person in charge of Nanming branch of industry and commerce, they also came to inspect the "Guiyang Hong

Xin interior wall special coating factory" after receiving the report. According to the owner's wife Zhou, she and her husband Han started to rent a house and produce in March this year, and added workers to fake "Youlian" made in Shanghai to replace accessories and facilitate loading and unloading; The servo cylinder adopts clearance seal, "meiteli" and "YIDELI" brand emulsion paint produced in Guangzhou. The list of the second batch of enterprises that meet the standard conditions of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry (air governance) was released with

ash. Christenson and others continued to use the recycled plastic granulator as the main processing machine to mix the research and talc powder with water. A barrel of counterfeit paint with a cost of less than 20 yuan was sold at about 80 yuan and sold to many building materials markets in Zhucheng

at present, the industrial and commercial department is further reviewing the case

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