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Another batch of ancient glassware was found in Quanzhou in the late spring of 2016, Mr. Cai, a collector, found three Tang Dynasty glassware, which seemed to be imported, and bought them in Quanzhou antique market. After reading a large number of historical documents, he found that the shapes of the three glassware were relatively rare in China. It was thought that the products from Arab countries or Italy came to Quanzhou port through the maritime Silk Road

one of them is a blue glass bottle with a round belly of 6. 8cm, bottom diameter 3cm, neck length 2. 4cm, flat aperture 2. 7cm, height 8. 5cm, with more and more companies becoming partners or joint members of flagship companies, the two shoulders are rolled up and the handle height is 2. 6cm, full body blue luster and moisture; The other is a blue glass rabbit, with ears cocked up, head tilted to one side and tail tilted to one side. Looking up, it is lifelike, with blue luster and moisture. It is 7cm long, 3cm wide and 3 high. 7cm; The third piece is a red glass pig. It looks like it is walking with its head up and ears up and its tail up. It is red and glossy. It is 9cm long and 4cm wide, or it will break down when the working environment temperature is high in summer. It is 3cm high. 5cm。

according to liuzhicheng, an archaeologist from Quanzhou, these glassware are similar to those unearthed from ancient tombs of the Tang Dynasty or earlier in China. Relevant people consulted nearly 20 relevant monographs, but none of them were identical with the three glassware, which proved that these glassware were discovered for the first time. In April, Mr. Cai visited the exhibition of foreign glassware history and cultural relics in Shenzhen Museum and found no identical glassware. It can be seen that the discovery of these three glassware has important research value

it is understood that ancient glass was invented in Mesopotamia, a two river valley in Western Asia, and later spread to the Roman Empire in Egypt and Syria. In ancient times, Chinese glassware, also known as coloured glaze ware or material ware, was mostly imported. The earliest glassware found in Quanzhou was the necklace of the first Tomb of chenwangzhi of the Southern Dynasty found in Liushi, Jinjiang more than 20 years ago. The second time was the glassware found in the tomb of Sima Wangfu at the site of Quanzhou Hongfuyuan crematorium. The third time was the glassware found in the large-scale plastic market of Chongfu temple in Quanzhou. There were 10 glasses in the tower base of Geng tower. This is the fourth discovery of glassware in Quanzhou. It is of great significance and is one of the important objects to study the maritime Silk Road

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