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Another export survey on caprolactam supporting phenol demand according to experts, caprolactam is an important raw material for chemical fiber and engineering plastics. Products are closely related to the rapid development of the national economy and people's life. With the rapid development of the national economy and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the demand for caprolactam products is increasing, and caprolactam is listed as a product encouraged by the state. There are many processes for caprolactam production, which are mainly divided into benzene process and toluene process according to raw materials

1943, nben company of Germany (the predecessor of BASF company) first realized the industrial production of caprolactam with phenol as raw material. This process is called Raschig, also known as cyclohexanone hydroxy hydrogel, which will be decomposed into its original molecular amine (HSO) process. Phenol method is that phenol is hydrogenated to produce cyclohexanol under the action of nickel catalyst, and cyclohexanol is dehydrogenated to produce cyclohexanone. The improved phenol method is that phenol is hydrogenated to cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol under the action of precious metal Pt catalyst. The product contains 95% cyclohexanone and 5% cyclohexanol. The microcomputer controlled electronic control experimental machine uses sensors to monitor the speed of load change and collect data. The demand for caprolactam in China has increased rapidly in recent years. Although domestic enterprises have increased rapidly through technological transformation and vigorously developed technologies with independent intellectual property rights, they still can not meet the demand of the chemical fiber and plastic products industry, and the import volume continues to increase

at present, more than 30 enterprises in the world produce CPL, and reducing production costs, adopting green general engineering laboratory technology and reducing environmental pollution have always been the key points for domestic and foreign companies to develop new technologies for CPL production. However, the production of caprolactam with phenol as raw material has the advantages of low energy consumption (less carbon dioxide output) and low maintenance costs. In the economic depression, it is very likely to become an indispensable process for caprolactam manufacturers to survive. After 2013, there are plans to build a large number of caprolactam in China, and phenol caprolactam will also develop. In the case of excess phenol capacity, the caprolactam market will open another export for the phenol Market

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