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Annual reports of Listed Companies in the home furnishing industry show advantages in the brand effect of floating red

annual reports of Listed Companies in the home furnishing industry show advantages

April 14, 2015

[China paint information] at the end of March, the annual reports of Listed Companies in the home furnishing industry were disclosed one after another. In 2014, with the increasingly fierce competition among home furnishing enterprises and the downturn in the upstream real estate industry, the annual report performance of the vast majority of listed companies rose by 20%-40%. Analysts believe that the brand effect of listed companies gradually shows its advantages in the fierce market competition, and the industry still has a large space to improve its products and experience. However, it can not be ignored that some enterprises try to get out of the dilemma through transformation

the performance of most companies rose by 20%-40%

according to the statistics, at present, the household enterprises listed in A-share market include MEC household, Yihua wood industry, Daya technology, Shengda forestry, Xilinmen, Golden Mantis, Bunny Baby, houlaike, Jilin Forest Industry, seagull sanitary ware, Haier household, Dongyirisheng, AIA ceiling, Sofia, Dongfang Yuhong, and the household textile enterprises include Luolai home textile, fuanna, Mengjie home textile, etc. At present (as of April 7), except for Xilinmen and a few other enterprises that have not yet released their annual report results and Jilin Forest Industry Group's major losses, other enterprises that have published their annual reports or have performance forecasts generally report good news, with their performance generally rising by 20%-40%

Zhang Cheng, senior investment adviser of Datong securities, believes that although the overall trend is generally upward, there are also obvious differentiation. From the perspective of performance, the performance of Companies in the furniture industry is relatively outstanding, and the performance growth of furniture enterprises such as Merck home furnishings and Sofia is more than 30%. The performance of flooring companies was significantly differentiated. The operating profit of Dell home furnishing increased by 41.23%, that of Bunny Baby increased by 62.10% and that of Daya technology increased by 35.14% year-on-year, while the performance of Shengda forestry and other companies was mediocre, while Jilin Forest Industry showed a significant decline in performance. In the field of home decoration, Dongyirisheng's performance increased by 18%, Golden Mantis's performance increased by about 20%, and AIA's ceiling revenue increased by 22%; In terms of household products, Xilinmen has not yet released its annual report, which is expected to increase slightly throughout the year, while seagull sanitary ware is the same as last year. Caojian, the executive vice chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that the three listed home textile companies had not released their annual reports, and the performance forecast showed a slight increase in revenue of 5%-10%

the brand effect of extending the industrial chain highlights

in 2014, the household industry was generally cold, why did the performance of listed companies generally rise? The Beijing Times summarized the annual reports of various companies and found that the extension of the industrial chain and the prominence of the brand effect in the market may be the reasons

according to Zhang Cheng's analysis, on the whole, companies in the furniture field gradually change the original OEM and OEM mode, gradually establish their own brands, and expand the personal home decoration and consumer market. Typically, Merck household has transformed from a retailer to a brand dealer, created excellent customer experience ability, expanded the integrated household comprehensive consumer goods market, and terminated the OEM business that has been engaged in for 20 years. The factory capacity is 100% to supply its own brands

personalized customization and integrated home decoration scheme are welcomed and recognized by the market. In 2014, Sofia demonstrated the whole house customized storage space solution in the way of scene experience. With the strengthening of consumers' demand for whole house customization, Sofia strives to increase the business proportion of other customized cabinets, and cooperates with foreign brands to operate the domestic cabinet business. Taking advantage of the trend of continuous market integration, bunny strives to build an experience platform that provides a full range of decorative materials for design companies, decoration companies and designers, and provides one-stop display services for consumers

the brand effect of listed companies has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which has significantly accelerated the growth of performance. Zhang Cheng said that the home decoration and home furnishing industry as a whole belongs to bulk consumer goods, and brand benefits and public praise are an important reference when choosing consumption. Listed companies themselves are a kind of advertising effect and brand publicity. With the increasing demand for consumption upgrading in recent years, consumers pay more attention to quality when choosing household products and home decoration. The brand effect of listed companies has indeed played a supporting role in the company's product sales and won the industry innovation award; From the recruitment of global partners to the establishment of research institutes, academician workstations and engineering technology research centers; From the deeds of continuously doubling, FIA, del and other brands have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and their market share has also steadily increased in the past few years. According to the annual report of del home, del regards "brand advantage" as the first core competitiveness, and frankly states that "as a home product directly facing end consumers, brand advantage has greatly promoted the company's product sales and enhanced the company's profitability." In many businesses of Daya technology, flooring is the main growth business module. According to the analysis of Daya technology, the concentration of the flooring market will be higher and higher, while the market share of large manufacturers and brands will be steadily increased, and a few high-quality brand enterprises will determine the improvement of the internal quality and market competitiveness of the whole industry

e-commerce and smart home become the focus of competition

it is found that many listed home companies are laying out e-commerce development strategies one after another. For example, Merck home focuses on building OBO projects, focusing on the integration of online and offline to improve customer experience; Bunny also pointed out that the current home marketing model is facing a trend from comprehensive products and services to digitalization and migration. We only need to control some of its skills to move towards interconnection. Zhang Cheng said that the promotion of online business is conducive to consumers' personalized customization of products, the reduction of intermediate sales links, the improvement of product cost performance, and real-time sales feedback can also provide decisions for businesses to arrange production and new product design. "For home furnishing enterprises involved in e-commerce and information construction, if they can grasp the above points and develop their own business, the competitiveness of the company will be greatly improved."

after the integration of resources from home appliance enterprises into the building materials and home furnishing industry, smart home has become a hot spot in the industry. According to some analysis, the large building materials and home furnishing industry is transforming to "one-stop consumption experience" and "integrated solutions", creating an e-commerce platform and integrating the "IOT" gene. Smart home solutions will become a trend. According to the annual report of Dell home, in order to grasp the investment opportunities of Internet and smart home to change the traditional home industry, Dell has established an external strategic investment platform for smart Internet home industry, focusing on home related industries such as smart home, Internet home, big data, IOT, 3D printing, industry 4.0, energy conservation and environmental protection, and intelligent manufacturing

however, some companies are in a bad situation and are transforming to seek a new way out. "The transformation of Weihua shares into Ganzhou rare earth (failed), Shengda forestry seeking to transform into clean energy and reduce production costs, and the failure of restructuring after the suspension of Jilin Forest Industry all show the difficulties of the industry." Said Zhang Cheng. In addition, seagull sanitary ware is also continuing to strengthen its transformation and upgrading. In addition to developing the main industry of sanitary ware product manufacturing and service, it continues to strengthen its R & D and manufacturing capacity in the field of "energy saving and environmental protection" products; Del home also disclosed in the annual report that it is necessary to build a foreign strategic investment platform for graphene new materials and new energy to achieve "double main businesses"; Xilinmen is also acquiring media companies. In this regard, according to Zhang Cheng's analysis, the home decoration industry is an industry with heavy assets and low profit margin. After the company's shareholders and bosses have money, they certainly hope to find some emerging industries with high profit margin. "The transformation of listed companies can also stimulate the rise of share prices, which is a real benefit for shareholders and bosses, so many listed companies are scrambling to transform."

there is still room for improvement in the fierce competition in the industry

the good news of listed home furnishing companies is not out of touch with the cold feeling of the home furnishing industry market. The annual reports of several listed companies mention the words "fierce market competition", "serious product homogenization" and "the overall downturn of the building materials home furnishing market" to varying degrees. Analysts also believe that, on the whole, the current home furnishing industry is still undergoing a test in the cold period of real estate

however, many companies are still optimistic about home furnishing development opportunities. In terms of Merck home furnishings, it is believed that the market space for home furnishings is huge. With the promotion of domestic urbanization and the improvement of residents' consumption level, the proportion of home furnishings in rigid consumption will gradually increase. Rabbit baby's annual report also believes that although the building materials and home furnishing industry is greatly affected by the real estate market, once the industry breaks through the bottleneck of development, "it is still a sunrise industry". In addition, with the rise of post-80s and post-90s consumer groups, the change of consumption habits has also brought new opportunities and challenges to household enterprises. "As long as the operation and service mode suitable for the habits and lifestyles of new consumer groups is selected, the home furnishing industry will continue to develop and maintain a certain stability." Merck home said

Zhang Cheng also believes that the continuous improvement of people's brand and experience of decoration and home furnishing products has also brought opportunities for well managed and well managed home furnishing enterprises. He said that with the continuous emergence of industry troublemakers such as Xiaomi home decoration, the whole home decoration industry still has more room for product and experience improvement, and who can take the lead in seizing the market determines the height of the company's brand and performance in the future

household enterprises continue to queue up for listing

the listing of household enterprises has gradually formed a small climax in recent years. In the first quarter of this year, not only Quanzhu shares and haolaike successfully landed in a shares, but also Qumei furniture was officially audited at the end of March, and red star Macalline also switched to H shares. In addition, Jiangshan oupai door industry Co., Ltd., Guangdong piano science and art home furnishing Co., Ltd., Camellia modern home furnishings Co., Ltd. and duoliki Home Textile Co., Ltd. are all queuing up for listing, creating a climax for the listing of home furnishing enterprises

in this regard, Zhang Cheng, senior investment consultant of Datong securities, said that for home furnishing companies that are relatively heavy on assets, listing is conducive to strengthening their brand benefits, enhancing market awareness, promoting their product sales, and accelerating the expansion scale and speed of the company through financing. However, he reminded that listing also exposes the company's products and operations to the microscope. If the company's products do not meet environmental protection standards or accidents and failures occur in the process of home decoration services, they are more likely to be amplified, which will have an impact on the company's goodwill and stock price. More and more household enterprises are listed, which also means that the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce. He reminded investors to carefully identify investment opportunities of relevant companies and not blindly follow the trend

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