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What do dealers see when they join the wardrobe brand

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as the latest professional field in the home furnishing industry, the development prospect of the market has attracted a lot of attention. Since the advent of the wardrobe brand franchise, in the face of an increasing number of wardrobe brands and franchise policies in the market, what brands do customers choose for business cooperation? Does this brand become the main force of operation and ultimately realize the ideal of profit for customers

the first step is to find potential brands and reduce risks

investing in the home furnishing industry is like investing in stocks. We should choose relatively potential brands. After years of brand establishment and development, many household products have reached a more mature stage. Choosing a brand with relatively less competition and great potential can shorten the return period of investment and reduce investment risks

is it in line with the market development trend? Throughout all walks of life, there are luxury high-end middle and high-end low-end consumer brands accepted by Chinese consumers. As far as wardrobe products are concerned, high-end brands have gone deep into large and medium-sized cities, and each brand has a loyal minority group; Low end products have gradually faded out of the sight of ordinary consumers; The majority of middle and high-end wardrobe buyers, but due to the same market positioning, similar product design and other aspects, the wardrobe industry competition has entered the era of close combat

can it meet the requirements of customers? The overall wardrobe can be designed to meet the needs and colors of home decoration, and fully realize the harmony and unity of home style. The practical and fashionable advantages of the overall wardrobe are gradually recognized by consumers

second, the development prospect of the enterprise is very important

does it have a good development prospect? We should understand the development prospect of the enterprise, because only with the development prospect can the franchisees obtain profits and develop together. Is there comprehensive operational support? Franchise chain is the main form of the overall wardrobe management market. According to the survey of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the success rate of enterprises that rely on independent establishment and development is only 32%, and the success rate of enterprises that join the chain is as high as 95%! The brand building is upgraded to the staffing of each franchise store, which provides unified and standardized operation template support, so that franchisees without industry experience can also maximize their interests with the lowest business risks

third step, join in policy, solid backing

does it solve the worries of franchisees? Whether there is free store location and decoration design; Professional product knowledge, sales skills, drawing design, installation technology and other skills training, and regularly organize learning, exchange management and marketing experience; Whether the preferential discounts of samples, supporting services for changing styles, perfect media promotion, and required publicity materials create a worry free way of wealth for franchisees

step 4: operation management and implementation in place

how can the franchisee cooperate with the enterprise in rationalization? Enterprises plan and support in the rear; Franchisees are charging ahead to create performance. If both sides can think, deal with problems and cooperate closely from the position of the other side, the prospect is definitely very good




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