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In everyone's heart, there is a corner where the soul can be placed, where there are warm smiles, harmonious and happy figures. It was a clean breath, simple but very exciting. And that palpitating simplicity is now hidden in the retro American style

◆ project house type: Villa

◆ project area: 1000 square meters

◆ design style: American style

◆ design team: Shaoxing Johns

◆ project address: Shaoxing Keqiao beautiful character crape myrtle garden

◆ completion time: August 2018

American classic is a style that pursues luxuriance and elegance and is shaped with strong nostalgia and bold innovation spirit. In the design process, the designer combines the comfort and ancient elegance with the strong use of traditional symbols to create a space environment with a strong sense of culture. The overall texture is strong and warm, and the lines are soft and delicate

living room

entering the living room, the noble and elegant atmosphere is impressive. The retro and nostalgic feeling of marble TV background wall and classical decorative elements makes the whole living room look simple and dignified, giving people a sense of history. The high-end Brown whole wood parapet is simple and without lack of details, and the hollow is inlaid with elegant blue background and white flower murals, which makes the stable atmosphere full of romance

dining room

the style and overall harmony of the restaurant give people a sense of color. Combined with dark red cherry furniture, the color is gorgeous and solemn. American style home furnishings pay attention to how to accumulate their artistic inspiration and taste preferences through life experience

study room

modern elements and classical elements in the study are mixed and matched, harmonious, light luxury and fashion. Abandon flashy lines and decorations, restore the original beauty of materials, beautiful and simple lines, simple and practical furniture, and use the use of lighting design to create a comfortable and inspirational living space

locker room

the refreshing design style of the cloakroom coupled with the elegant soymilk white cabinet makes the overall space very neat and comfortable, which can make us feel its softness. It is very suitable for us to slowly experience the quality feeling it brings to us in life. Design from simple to complex, from the whole to the part, carefully crafted, to express not only style, but also a delicate attitude towards life

bedroom bed room

the bedroom follows some American elements in the tradition, perfectly combines nostalgia with the needs of modern life, and is compatible with elegance and fashion, so that the bedroom is not only luxurious and atmospheric, but also comfortable and romantic. With the bed as the visual center and the milky white wall panel with a full sense of line as the background, the warm whole wood wardrobe shows delicacy and elegance, creating a romantic and warm classical temperament of the whole space


add a hallway at the entrance to define the internal and external fields, give a buffer to the vision, and create an elegant welcoming atmosphere. Classical American style, the sense of history of space, through the interpretation of modern fashion furniture, from the classical atmosphere back to reality, the perfect transition and integration show elegant style


detail is life and soul, and it is the attitude that Johns wants to express in his perfect home space. Everything in the home should cater to the living habits and personal aesthetics of the owner. From then on, they all appropriately convey a sense of steadiness and delicacy of taste

classic retro American style everything inspires an ideal life of extraordinary quality with high-end customization of details. Johns will take you on a happy journey of a better life





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