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Livis made a wonderful appearance at the Guangzhou Home Expo, attracting many dealers to gather around for consultation and cooperation. The home hotline and the reporter of "cabinet world" made an exclusive interview with Mr. lichunhai, general manager of Foshan livis Hardware Products Co., Ltd

lichunhai, general manager of Foshan Liweisi Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

president Li: "e; Maple Leaf intelligence " It is a high-end brand under Levis group, and its brands include "Yiliang" and "contact". The positioning of each brand is different. Getting up early is mainly about functional hardware and accessories. With the progress of society, people's living standards continue to improve, and the demand for products is getting higher and higher. From traditional consumption, we are gradually turning to intelligence. Today, the products we bring are intelligent wardrobe, intelligent kitchen, intelligent lighting system in kitchen and wardrobe, intelligent bathroom mirror and intelligent makeup mirror, intelligent space magic cube, intelligent TV cabinet sound, The whole system is intelligent, which can be controlled by downloading apps online, and different scenarios can be set according to different scenarios

cabinet world: just now you mentioned the word "intelligent" repeatedly, so how did your company change from a hardware enterprise to intelligent production? Is there any bright spot in it

president Li: first of all, introduce talents, build a team, "jump out of the hardware circle and then make hardware; stand on the shoulders of giants and see the future", learn from others' strengths and enrich your wisdom, so as to find creativity and feeling. "A new starting point for intelligent interconnection, maple leaf sail and then set sail" is the current situation of the company. "Intellectualization" is determined by market demand. We are different from ordinary hardware. We do not fight price war, make our own unique products and take our own unique road

second, we pay attention to cost performance. No matter how much your financial budget is, we can realize the intellectualization of your home from selling micro intelligent products alone to selling smart combined products.

third, no matter how intelligent it is, the most important thing is that it is easy to use. Our products are very convenient to use. The one button mode is the situational mode, which can help you do everything you think of, such as our tatami bed. When you want to sleep, As long as you press the sleep button, the intelligent system will enter the sleep state, the tatami will automatically drop, the TV, lights, curtains will automatically close, and the mattress will slowly pop up, in a real room sleep system. In addition, when you want to relax or have a meal, we just need to press the button, the mattress will slowly put away, and the tatami system will rise, forming a dining mode or leisure mode to enjoy the fun of life

cabinet world: what is the situation of today's exhibition? Did you achieve your desired goal

president Li: customers pay special attention to the exhibition. The most important thing is that we are divided into several areas. The first area is the display of our LED kitchen and bathroom wardrobe lights and kitchen and bathroom systems, the second is the display of our bathroom mirrors and bathroom lights, and the third is the system display of intelligent wardrobe products, as well as the display of intelligent TV cabinet sound and intelligent folding bed. Our products are all intelligent products, They all use mobile phones or human body induction to realize the household functions that people want, and truly expand from small space to large space. Customers are very interested, and there are customers who sign agents and place orders on the spot to achieve our expected destination




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